Established in 2009, the Georgia Boy Choir is comprised of a five-tiered system of music education.


The Apprentice Choir – The Apprentice Choir is specifically designed for boys 5, 6, and 7 years old. Here, boys focus their efforts toward discovering the beauty and joy of singing. They begin building the foundation of knowledge and experience that will be necessary for them to advance. The Apprentice Choir meets twice a week for one hour.


The Training Choir – The Training Choir spends most of its time learning the basic fundamentals of good singing: posture, breathing, diction, music notation, and theory. They perform on all the major subscription concerts of the Georgia Boy Choir. The Training Choir meets twice a week for one hour.


The Intermediate Choir – The Intermediate Choir is the third tier of the program providing a more intense program of music education including sight-singing, music theory, and vocal production. Participation in the Intermediate Choir includes performances on the Boy Choir’s primary subscription concerts and occasional additional community concerts. In the spring, the Intermediate Choir embarks on a short domestic tour. After further training, musical and vocal testing, and evaluation of continued discipline and commitment, members are considered for advancement to the Concert Choir. Rehearsals are held for ninety minutes twice a week.


The Concert Choir – The Concert Choir is the hallmark of the Georgia Boy Choir organization. It is on this level that the boys realize the fruition of their years of hard work. Typically, they will appear in private and public concerts twenty to thirty times throughout the season. In addition to their twice weekly, two-hour rehearsals, they meet many times on weekends for continued polishing of their demanding repertoire. After appearing all around the Metropolitan Atlanta region throughout the year, the Concert Choir will embark on an annual summer tour at the culmination of each season. This year’s tour takes the Choir to England, where they will be the Choir-in-Residence at St. Paul's Cathedral in London.


The Young Men’s Ensemble – Established for the purpose of allowing young men to continue singing with the Georgia Boy Choir after their voices have changed, the Young Men’s Ensemble is a vital part of the organization’s structure. The addition of the tenor and bass voices provides leadership, as well as expanding almost limitlessly the repertoire the Choir can sing. The Ensemble appears in concert with the treble voices and, may appear by themselves. They also participate in the annual Concert Tour, this year to England.