A New Adventure Begins!

Finally, after many months of auditions, rehearsals, more rehearsals, and dozens of local concerts and performances, our 2016-2017 Concert Season will culminate with a phenomenal tour to Scotland and Ireland.  On Saturday, June 24, our Concert Choir and Young Men’s Ensemble will embark on an unforgettable odyssey.

Over the next 17 days, we invite you to follow along with us as we venture first throughout the Scottish Highlands and then over to the Emerald Isle where the boys will take their place as the Choir-in-Residence at St. Patrick’s Cathedral for a week in Dublin, Ireland, delighting audiences all along the way with a remarkable repertoire of some of the world’s most beautiful choral music.

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Treat the Boys!

They have worked hard all year and finally tour is here! Show the boys your support by making a donation to the tour fund, underwriting a meal, or even buying them ice cream! Don't forget to leave a note of support with your donation! Sláinte!

Treat the boys!

Follow Along!

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The purpose of the Georgia Boy Choir is to achieve the highest possible standard of musical excellence, while instilling in its members a life-long appreciation of music; an abiding love of beauty; a keen sense of respect for themselves and others; and the self-discipline necessary to become effective leaders in their families, their communities and the world.


The Georgia Boy Choir operates on a five–tiered system of musical education for boys as young as five years old through high school.

A boy who becomes a member of the Georgia Boy Choir is in for one of the best experiences of his life. In addition to Establishing a Legacy of Musical Excellence, the Choir understands its responsibility in helping to mold boys into young men of admirable character, who will be leaders in their homes, their temples and churches, their schools, their communities, and in the world.

The Georgia Boy Choir bases its training on the four pillars of Excellence, Leadership, Character, and Tradition.



Excellence – The Georgia Boy Choir has set for itself the highest possible standard of musical excellence—striving to be among the finest Choirs in the world. All too often, young people are sadly held to a lower standard, a standard of mediocrity, and then told it is excellence.


Leadership – Achieving the standard of excellence that is required takes a considerable amount of self discipline. The boys in the Georgia Boy Choir have learned to master themselves in order to achieve their goal. Self discipline of this magnitude makes boys into young men who lead by example.


Character – It is one thing to be a leader, but all too often, a leader leads the wrong direction. His inner compass is not working correctly. We are working on building boys and young men with Character, with the ability to make right decisions even when there is pressure to do the wrong thing.


Tradition – We are building on a tradition of boys’ singing that is hundreds, even thousands of years old. But we are also establishing our own Tradition—A Legacy of Excellence that will serve the community of Atlanta and the state of Georgia proudly and well.

It is the rehearsal process and the performance and travel opportunities that provide the ideal vehicle for achieving our goals.