In addition to performing in our home of metropolitan Atlanta, the state of Georgia, and throughout the southeastern United States, each year, at the conclusion of our season, the Georgia Boy Choir embarks on a major Concert Tour, often with an international destination.  These tours give people in those locations the opportunity to experience the beauty and artistry of the Georgia Boy Choir, and it enables the boys and young men in the Choir to expand their horizons.  While traveling together for an extended period of time, they have the chance to put into practice the aspects of Leadership, Character, and Excellence which they have been taught.  The Georgia Boy Choir are excellent ambassadors for the State of Georgia throughout the world.


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2019: Italy

2018: France and Belgium

2017: Scotland and Ireland

2016: Spain and Portugal

2015: China

2014: England

2013: Carnegie Hall/ New England

2012: Scandinavia

2011: England

2010: China