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Support the Boys on their Tour!

Touring offers members of the Georgia Boy Choir the opportunity to share the beauty and artistry of their singing on the world’s stage with audiences who typically don't have the opportunity to hear their music in person. Traveling with the choir also benefits the boys educationally as they will have the chance to tour ancient castles, cathedrals, and cities throughout Italy. Not only will they see these destinations as tourists, they will also be living and experiencing these historic sites first-hand through the tradition of choral singing. History comes alive as the boys receive an exclusive level of access and intimacy with some of the world’s most famous venues and historic sites. As world-class performers and ambassadors of the state of Georgia, the boys will experience history, by participating in it. On top of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences behind the roped-off areas, the boys will be assigned topics on which to write reports to be shared when visiting the relevant site.

Mont Saint-Michel, France - 2018

Mont Saint-Michel, France - 2018

Beyond the musical and educational benefits of international touring, these trips give the boys an opportunity to put into practice the aspects of ExcellenceLeadership, Character, and Tradition. These values, instilled in all five-levels of the choir, are of particular importance when touring as the boys are expected to handle themselves and others with maturity and respect. Touring with the choir proves to be one of the greatest opportunities for personal development within these young men and strengthens the friendships of the boys while bonding the group through shared effort and experience.

While the boys in the choir span a multitude of races, cultures, and beliefs, they are joined together in a brotherhood through the truth, beauty, and goodness of the music they so masterfully create. Each member of the Concert Choir and Young Men’s Ensemble has earned his place on this tour and is deserving of the opportunities that await. However, some families experience greater difficulty than others in raising the necessary funds for the trip. This is where you can help! Click the "Support a Chorister" button above and donate to support deserving choristers. These tax-deductible donations will go far in allowing each boy in the choir to join his brothers on this great adventure.