Travelogue 5

Dear Friends,

After having successfully fulfilled their duties as Choir-In-Residence at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London for the last week, the Georgia Boy Choir completed their 16-day tour of England with one final performance on Sunday afternoon at John Wesley’s Chapel.

They were joined for this delightful occasion by their friends from Atlanta, the wonderful Chancel Choir at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church who will occupy the St. Paul’s choir stalls all this week. The two choirs sang together to open the concert, which was given as a benefit for a Methodist charity for underprivileged children. It was a glorious sound when all 60 voices were raised together.

The ensembles then took turns before joining together to conclude the concert with Edward Bairstow’s magnificent anthem, “Sing Ye to the Lord.”

It was a bittersweet moment when the 30 young men boarded their flight bound for home. All were looking forward to seeing their families, but disappointed that the incredible experience could not last forever.

Hopefully, the wonderful memories they have created will stay with them throughout their lives.

Many of those of you who are reading these travelogues have had a major part in creating these memories by being supporters of the Choir. We are grateful for your devotion and generosity. You may also wish to have a memento of this shared experience. Well-known artist, Mark Mulfinger accompanied the boys on this tour as Artist-in-Residence.

He was a most welcome addition to the entourage, not only for his affable wit and ready companionship, but also because he captured the entire fortnight with his every ready pen and sketchbook. The boys were fascinated to watch him create each mini-masterpiece. He was able to capture the bucolic wonder of the English countryside as they traversed the county of Shropshire, as well as the wonder and magnificence of London and St. Paul’s cathedral while the Choir sang. The boys relished an opportunity to sit for a portrait as he carefully rendered the contours of their faces on paper, uniquely recreating not only their image, but their personalities as well. Mr. Mulfinger is making reproductions of his sketchbook available as gifts.Those who wish to do so may also purchase a watercolor or even a larger linocut or oil painting resulting from these wonderful drawings.

The Georgia Boy Choir was also privileged to have MONUMENTALMedia accompany them on their tour, capturing each note and moment in wonderful high-definition video. Please visit our England 2014 tour page to enjoy the first two completed video from the tour.


The Georgia Boy Choir’s Mission Statement proclaims that,

The purpose of the Georgia Boy Choir is to achieve the highest possible standard of musical excellence, while instilling in its members a life-long appreciation of music; an abiding love of beauty; a keen sense of respect for themselves and others; and the self-discipline necessary to become effective leaders in their families, their communities and the world.

It is now time for the Choir to turn its attention to the upcoming season. auditions for new members will be held in the coming weeks and the whole cycle begins anew as the Georgia Boy Choir strives to fulfill this mission in the lives of more and more boys fortunate enough to be a part. If you believe in the work that the Georgia Boy Choir is doing, please join with us by making a financial contribution that will enable us to continue the tremendous work they have begun.

Until next time,

The Georgia Boy Choir 
2014 England Tour Team