Let Everything That Hath Breath

Dear Friends,

Friday morning dawned crisp and cool in Copenhagen. The 27 members of the Georgia Boy Choir convened on the square in front of the historic Town Hall to meet their local guides for a walking tour of the beautiful city. Having arrived about an hour early, the Choir had some time to kill, so they put it to good use playing a little soccer and a rousing game of Ultimate Frisbee in the ample space. It was a welcome opportunity to expend some boyish energy, just having fun. Many of the Danes on their way to work stopped for several minutes to enjoy watching these young Americans having such a wonderful time.


Soon thereafter, the guides arrived and the Choir split into two groups to walk around the city to see and learn about the magnificent sites it holds. Shortly after this sojourn had begun, the rain began to fall. This meteorological occurrence did not seem to affect the guides who were enthusiastic to share the wonder of their city. Fortunately, the boys had their rain gear, which they pulled out, and so managed to protect themselves somewhat from the elements. It was fascinating indeed to learn about the history of Denmark and its monarchy as they wandered from portico, to awning, to whatever shelter they could find. The boys did not allow the weather to dampen their spirits, but managed to learn and have a good time. The tour ended in a pedestrian shopping zone, and the eager young shoppers wasted no time in leaving some of their spending money in exchange for some much-desired souvenirs.


With their first big concert looming in the coming evening, the boys returned to their Host Family homes where they managed to get a couple hours of sleep (or rest, at least) before dining and heading back to the Cathedral for the concert.

Just as the Georgia Boy Choir had done for them only a few weeks ago in Atlanta, the Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir opened the concert with three beautiful a capella songs: Morton Lauridsen’s haunting “O Magnum Mysterium,” "Bogoroditse Devo” from The All Night Vigil by Sergei Rachmaninoff, and a lovely Danish Folk Song.

When it was the Georgia Boy Choir’s turn to sing, they knew that the bar had been set pretty high by their Danish friends, so they were inspired to perform their very best. They strode down the long center aisle two by two, singing George Talbot’s stirring setting of Psalm 150.


As their voices soared through the air singing, “Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord” it was clear that they had come prepared to leave an impression on all who would hear them. They moved seamlessly from one song to another, with each song seeming more moving than the one before it. The audience was spellbound, not wishing to interrupt the beauty. At last they could contain themselves no longer and burst in to applause. The clapping lasted longer and longer as the concert progressed. When the last song finally ended, the standing ovation was sustained for several minutes and was intermingled with some whoops and hollering. It was clear the audience was not quite ready for the singing to stop, so the Choir obliged them with one more song, “What a Wonderful World.” As the boys exited the sanctuary, the applause continued even after they were out of the room. Clearly, the discerning Copenhagen listeners had enjoyed what they heard.


The first concert of the tour now behind them, the boys returned contented to the Host Families for their final night in the country of Denmark. Their next performances will be from the Cathedral of Oslo, Norway on Sunday morning and evening.


Until then,

The Georgia Boy Choir Scandinavian Tour Team.