Roller Coaster Ride

Dear Friends,

Thursday morning, the boys and young men of the Georgia Boy Choir were all smiles. They had rested and eaten well in the homes of their new friends here in Copenhagen. Last month, the Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir visited Atlanta where they presented a marvelous concert at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church. It was the Georgia Boy Choir’s privilege to host the choristers from the Royal Chapel Choir in their homes for a few days. Now that the Georgia Boy Choir is in Copenhagen, it is the Danes’ turn to return the favor. It was wonderful to see these friendships renewed.


The Copenhagen Cathedral, site of the first concert, this evening, of our Scandinavian Tour, is a marvelous building. It is fairly vast, and has a marvelous acoustic. It is the “home court” of the Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir. This morning, the choristers from Georgia enjoyed a two-hour rehearsal in the marvelous space. They really thrilled at hearing their voices waft through the magnificent nave.


A short distance away sits the historic Tivoli Gardens Amusement Park – right in the center of Copenhagen. It was here that the Georgians spent their afternoon riding roller coasters, “driving” bumper cars, and daring each other to ride the scariest rides. They all had a blast of a time.


At the conclusion of this adventure, they rode the rail back to the Royal Chapel Choir’s school, to meet up with their host families once again. After a good meal, they all retired to rest in their beds and looked forward to the concert in the Cathedral on tonight at 8:00 pm local Copenhagen time – 2:00 pm EST time.


It is our hope that you might be able to join us for this concert. It will be broadcast live over the internet. Simply click here to learn how to log in to enjoy the concert. It is quite simple – and it is free.

Until then,

The Georgia Boy Choir

2012 Scandinavian Tour Team